The following rules apply to the Woodbridge Men's Slo-Pitch League for the regular season and playoffs. All other rules are governed by this current years SPN Rules book.

Changes for 2019:

1. Minimum number of players: 9 players

A team can play with a minimum of 9 players. The 10th player is not an out. The lineup can consist of only nine batters; when a tenth player arrives they can be added to the lineup.

Effect: Only the 10th player can enter the game (any time), after the first 9 players have battered through the lineup. If more than 1 player comes to the ball park to play after the 9 players have battered through the lineup, the remaining players (other than the 10th player) can participate/play in the game via the regular SPN substitution rules.

A team can drop players from their batting order anytime during a game, but must end the game with the 10 players in the batting order. If for any reason (i.e. injury, ejection) a team must drop from 10 to 9 players, the 10 player is considered an out.

2. Uniforms

Matching and uniquely numbered tops must be worn. Baseball pants (long or shorts) are required. No predefined colors are mandatory.

Effect: Shirt colors must match and be uniquely numbered; regardless of sponsorship and/or team names. The intention of this rule is to allow the mixture of old and new uniforms. There will be a $25 team fine per team for illegal uniforms (shirts or pants).

If a ball player is out of uniform, the opposing team must notify the umpire. The umpire will then provide the league the name of the team and player that is out of uniform so that the appropriate fines can be defined. The offending player is still eligible to continue playing within the game.

Uniforms will be required starting the first week of June.

3. Home Run Rule at all fenced diamonds

The league will be following the standard SPN rule definition on all diamonds as defined below (Sec.11 and STG&OR-Sec.3 of the SPN Rule Book):

Home Run rule will apply under the following: any un-deflected ball hit over the fence will be considered a home run for the match plus home run rule.

A. In all categories using a Match Plus Home Run Rule, at no time during a game will the number of over the fence home runs hit by one team be more than the designated number hit by the opposing team.

Effect Sec. 11 A - Where an over the fence home run is hit that is in excess of the number allowed, the batter will be called out.

B. When a fair fly ball is deflected over the home run fence by a defensive player, the batter-base runner will be awarded four bases. This will not be considered the same as an over the fence home run.

Designated allowances for home run hits in fenced fields: Match Plus 1 Home Run Rule

Note: this rule only applies to fenced ball parks and over the fence home runs.

4. Game Times

Game 1: 8:15 pm (5 minute grace period)

Game 2: 9:40 pm

Game 1:
1. There is a 5 minutes grace period for the first game (only if a team has less then 9 players)

2. Game 1 is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Umpires will announce the last inning.

League permits officially start at 8:30 PM.  If the diamond is not occupied at 8:15 PM, games will start at this time.  All teams will require to have players on the field ready to start game 1 at 8:15 pm.  Grace periods will be effective from 8:15 pm.  In the event that the previous permit holders utilize the diamond till 8:30 then games will start at that time with all previously defined time allocations adjusted accordingly.

No new inning starts after 65 minutes.

Game 2:

1.     Game 2 is played to its entirety (7 innings, mercy or curfew time 11 pm).

2.     No new inning will start after 10:45 pm

Effect: Rules 4.1 is only applicable for the start of the night at 8:30 PM.
Rule 4.2 is only used to ensure that the first game is completed within 1 hour and 15 minutes, in order to get the 2nd game completed in a timely manner. If the 2nd game has not completed the 7 innings but the time has not passed 11 PM the game will continue to its entirety or 11 PM, whichever comes first.

5. Home Team Responsibilities

1. Put in and take out bases.

2. Provide new game ball and good backup ball for game 1.

3. Visiting team to provide new game ball and good backup for game 2.

6. Fines

1. A team must pay $50 for each game that is defaulted.

2. A team must pay $25 for illegal uniforms worn in a game.

3. A team must pay $25 for missing a scheduled WMSPL meeting.

4. A team must pay $25 for incorrect lineup cards submitted.

5. A team forfeiting the entire Playoff Weekend must pay $300

* Fines for items 1 to 4 must be paid in full to the league prior to the playoff weekend to allow for eligibility

* Fines for item 5 must be paid by one month after the playoff weekend to ensure team eligibility for the following season

·       Teams can choose to donate league fines to the charity of their choice or to the league (proof of donation is required).

7. Scores

1. Each team to verify scores of both games scores with umpire
2. Umpire email in scores (g_giacomelli@hotmail.com / glen.giacomelli@td.com) by the Friday of each week.

8. Alcohol

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on any league diamonds or city parks (this includes ball diamond parking lots). Any player/team caught drinking will be subject to ejection from the league.

9. League

All league and executive members are in no way liable for any injury to any player, fan or others connected with a regular season or playoff game.

10. Eligibility

Each player on a team's roster must play in a minimum of 40% of the teams regular season games in order to qualify for the league playoffs. Exceptions to be approved by the league (medical certificate typically required). An eligible game is defined by a minimum of 1 at bat.

Any players wishing to transfer teams during the off-season (transfers are not permitted during the season) must ensure their team registration fees are paid in full prior to the transfer. 

Proof of Eligibility:

1. Each team will be required to keep track of their player’s eligibility

2. Each team representative will be responsible for submitting their summary player spreadsheet at each league meeting during the year, along will all supporting lineup cards or scorecard.

3. Failure to submit player eligibility spreadsheet or supporting lineup/scorecards will result in player eligibility not being counted for the missing games.

11. Rosters & SPN Registration

Team Captains:

·       Ensure your team is setup correctly in the online SPN application, and all players on your team are defined there.

·       Initial rosters need to be defined with all players prior to the start of the season and each player must accept the SPN insurance waiver online prior to the start of the season or prior to playing a regular season game.

·       Login to the site (if you are not setup in the site, then follow the ‘new user  or existing user instructions)

o   URL to SPN Site:   https://registration.slo-pitch.com/Account/Login

o   Even if you do not receive an email, you can access the above URL to setup your team

·       Setup all the players on your roster under your team

·       If you setup your team last year within the site, then update your roster for any additions or deletions you may have

·       Select the ‘Resend email notifications’  to issue emails to all your team members that are inactive



·       Ensure you profile is active within the online SPN application (Activation of your profile is required for each WMSPL player)

·       Activation is required each year

·       Activation is required prior to the start of the season

·       A player MUST be in an active status to be eligible to play in the WMSPL.  The league has the right to not allow any individuals that have not accepted the SPN waivers.

1. Any player affiliated with a team that was expelled from WMSPL or SPN can not be on any team’s league roster

2. Only players defined on a team's league roster are eligible to play in a league game

3. The league executive reserves the right to refuse any team the right to add a player that the executive deems unworthy.

4. Each team's roster is subject to the leagues executive approval.

5. Playoff Eligibility:

- A minimum of nine eligible players must be fielded for all playoff games.

- Any special league exceptions (i.e. injury) will only be applicable to ensure a team can field nine players. A tenth player can not be an ineligible player. League approval required for all exceptions.

- A playoff eligibility spreadsheet is required to be maintained by each team throughout the season tracking the total number of games played by each player on your roster.  This eligibility spreadsheet is required to be submitted after the end of the regular season prior to the playoffs to ensure the league can validate the eligibility of all players.  Failure to submit this spreadsheet will lead to the potential exclusion from the playoff weekend and/or players being defined ineligible for the playoffs.

12. Substitution

Unlimited substitution allowed.

13. Lineup Cards

All lineup cards must be submitted to the umpire and opposing team prior to the start of any game. All lineup cards must have each player's first and last name defined on the card in-order for player playoff eligibility to be determined. Insufficient name information defined on any lineup card or not submitting a lineup card is subject to a $25 league fine.

14. Protests

All protests must be submitted to a league executive in writing, and accompanied with a $100 cheque. An umpires ruling is final. A formal protest must be lodged for a league executive evaluation of the issue.

15. Mercy

If the time for a game has expired due to time curfew or lights, and the game has not reached 5 complete innings, and one team is winning by 15 or more runs; the game shall be considered complete.

16. Tie-Breaker

In the event of tie within the final regular season standings (teams with the same number of points) the following tie-breaker will be applied:

1. Head to Head

2. +/- from Head to Head Games

3. 1 Game Playoff Required

17. Rain Outs (or games that are not able to be officially completed)

Any game(s) cancelled due to rain will result in a tie for both teams.  No makeup games will be scheduled. 

18. Courtesy Runners

Unlimited courtesy runners each inning.  Same runner cannot courtesy run twice in the same inning.

19. Bat Eligibility

The league will uphold the list of ineligible bats defined by SPN. For a detailed listing of bats, visit the SPN website at: www.slo-pitch.com

Miken Freak 98 will be grandfathered within the league

20. Playoff Teams

The top 8 regular season teams advance to the playoffs.

21. Run Control

A maximum of 6 runs can be scored in each inning except when an inning is declared an ‘open inning’ by the umpire (last inning) – Alignment to SPN rule section 4.F

22.  Misc.

A.    Base distance will be 70 ft (changed from 65 ft)

B.    1 Ball and 1 Strike count will start for each batter (this will help ensure 2 7 inning games can be achieved each week)

C.    A Mulligan will be applied on a foul ball that is hit on the 3rd strike.  The batter will not be called out.  Any subsequent foul balls during that at bat will be counted as a strike/out

D.    Bases will be supplied by the league and stored on the diamonds.  Umpires will provide the home team the bases and it will be their responsibility to put in and take out the bases and return them to the umpire for storage after the game

23.  Competitive Balance Rules

·       Teams have the option of using an 11th player in either game when versing the Ram Power, New Era Thunder and Young Guns.

·       Teams must define whether they are using the extra fielder with their lineup card submission.  An 11th player cannot be added once the game has started.

·       The extra player must be included within the teams batting order

·       The team has the choice to use the extra player at the start of each game.