W.M.S.P.L Playoffs

2000 Playoff Format:

Division West:

Place Team
1 Merchants
3 Coyotes
5 Young Guns
7 Ravens

Division East:

Place Team
2 Trojans
4 Panthers
6 Possie
8 Jags

Saturday, September 30:

Divsion West

Game Time Diamond Home Team Visitor Score
9:00 am VG3 Merchants Ravens Merchants Win 15-10
9:00 am VG4 Coyotes Young Guns Young Guns Win 14-11
11:40 am VG3 Young Guns Ravens Young Guns Win 13-7
11:40 am VG4 Merchants Coyotes Merchants Win 11-6
2:50 pm VG3 Merchants Young Guns Young Guns Win 23-15
2:50 pm VG4 Coyotes Ravens Coyotes Win 17-4

Division East

Game Time Diamond Home Team Visitor Score
10:20 am VG3 Trojans Jags Trojans Win 14-6
10:20 am VG4 Panthers Possie Panthers Win 18-14
1:30 pm VG3 Trojans Possie Trojans Win 14-4
1:30 pm VG4 Panthers Jags Panthers Win 9-6
4:10 pm VG3 Possie Jags Possie Win
4:10 pm VG4 Trojans Panthers Panthers Win 13-10

Sunday, October 1:

- Quarter Finals:

Game Time Diamond Home Team Visitor Score
10:15 am VG3 West 2nd

Merchants (2-1)
East 3rd

Possie (1-2)
Merchants Win
10:15 am VG4 East 2nd

Panthers (2-1)
West 3rd

Coyotes (1-2)
Panthers Win

- Semi-Finals:

Game Time Diamond Home Team Visitor Score
11:45 am VG3 East 1st

Trojans (3-0)
Winner of West 2-East 3

Merchants Win
11:45 am VG4 West 1st

Young Guns (3-0)
Winner of East 2 - West 3

Young Guns Win

- Finals:

Game Time Diamond Home Team Visitor Score
1:45 pm VG3 Young Guns Merchants Merchants Win 13-7 (8 innings)


- Regular WMSPL and SPN rules apply

- Seeding for Saturday based on regular season standings

- Top 3 teams in each division advance to Sunday (Tie breaker - Head to Head, Plus/Minus)

- First place team in each division recieves a bye on Sunday's first game

- Home team on Saturday - Standings from regular season

- Home team on Sunday - Standings from Saturday round robin (Final are based on coin toss)

- Mercy rule in effect for all games except for the finals

- No games end in ties

- Saturday game times: one hour and twenty minutes

- Sunday single elimination

- International tie-breaking rules apply

- VG3, VG4 - Vaughan Grove Diamond 3 or 4